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I have launched a new Modelling Agency that supplies females for User Photography, that is ready to start in Amersham, Bucks but will grow substantially soon to operate throughout London and eventually across the remainder of the UK and the rest of the world.

I now need some girls aged 20 plus who can work for me and with me in Amersham to start with. Apart from initial training and we will hire the girls out to work with various clients in their own client offices where they can choose what views they want to photograph under the strict rule that they must never touch or interfere with the girls. The girls will adopt poses of their naked bodies to suit the requests of the clients.

We charge the clients substantial amounts and we pay the models large amounts varying each from 250 per session to even more.

The girls will always work with a companion another female model. They will visit the clients by appointment to give these clients the opportunity to photograph the nude girls for their own purposes but with the model never getting touched or molested by any client.

All the clients will prepay us and will agree and recognize that this is not any excuse to misbehave. It is only an opportunity to view a couple of attractive naked females and take photographs and nothing more.

The models will also earn travel expenses and could work as many as four times each work day for different clients in normal working hours,

Phone me Chris Taylor - on 07739 259247 - for more information and the address to come in for an interview. . You can also look at more information on which is a site written for the girls who work for me.

Contact me by email at:

An important aspect of the work offered for such a high sum is that you and your companion will be entirely naked throughout your engagement with the clients and throughout the time you are with me at the office. You will never be interfered with so should feel entirely safe with me and the clients.

Obviously you attend the workplace of the client clothed but strip off your clothes once inside the working area. This will give the clients a full view of your nakedness and all of your body parts. They are paying for this but not for interfering with you in any way.

Should they try anything you do not like you are entitled to leave them and terminate any activity. you are free to leave them along with your companion even if this is earlier than they had intended with no come back on you for any refund on their costs. We will sort out any costs involved later.

When you are performing they can see and photograph you from anywhere. You could be showing your self or selves interacting with each other or with sex toys. They will be gaining views many will not have experienced before. The clients could be just one person or as many as three individuals.

Enjoy yourself and make the clients enjoy the rare experience too.